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About Us


Dr Richard Silvester Junior, our Technical Director, revisited his father’s work in 2005. The artificial stable bay installations at Singapore & Western Australia used short breakwaters for headlands and his father had spent some considerable time trying to find a better alternative without success. After substantial further research, Richard Junior concluded that the ideal planform for a headland is circular and this is the basis of our stable bay technology. He discussed the idea with Philip Ball who proposed that a company should be formed to develop the invention and that it should be patented.


Philip Ball is an experienced engineer and company director. He founded Shoreform Limited in 2006 and initiated the patent application process. Our GB patent was granted in 2010 and international patents are pending. He is our Chairman and Managing Director.


John Sadler is an engineer with considerable experience in the nuclear industry with his own website http://nuclearmatters.co.uk. He approached us in 2012 after deducing that there is a need for long-lasting sea shore stability at coastal nuclear power stations. He is our Sales Director.

Dr Richard Silvester Senior (Late Senior Lecturer in the Civil Engineering Department at the University of Western Australia) established himself as an expert in the field in 1974 with his outstanding book “Coastal Engineering” in 2 volumes.


In Volume 1 he explained the mechanism and theory of wave generation and its interaction with natural and man-made coastal geography. In Volume 2 he explained in detail the processes involved in wave generation, beach profiles, littoral drift, sea defences and much more.


Natural stable bays were first investigated by Dr Silvester and explained in his book “Coastal Stabilisation – Innovative Concepts” published in 1993. This was followed by “Coastal Stabilisation” in 1997 (co-authored by John Hsu) in which the artificial stable bays in Singapore & Western Australia were fully described. His philosophy for coastal engineering is encapsulated in the following quote:


“Man’s aim should be to cooperate with Nature

and not confront her, for she holds the upper hand.”


Coastal Stabilisation 1997

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10 February 2015

Coastal erosion at Happisburgh, Norfolk, UK


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